Ashby House

Building a caring community, one family at a time

Past Fundraising Events

The Ashby House Color Run was a huge success this year.  We are looking forward to another one this fall


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Mission statement: Founded in 1992, Ashby House has been dedicated to its mission of alleviating chronic homelessness and reduces criminal recidivism by providing both destitute families and women with substance abuse issues with the skills and resources necessary to become productive members of the community.

family shelter




Ashby House Family Shelter is the only full-time family shelter in this area. The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day. The shelter provides temporary housing for homeless families and single women. The shelter helps families survive homelessness and to re-enter the community with their dignity intact.


treatment & reintegration


Ashby House’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program is a State Licensed Residential and Outpatient Treatment facility and is classified as a Designated Women’s Program by Addiction and Prevention Services. The funding streams available are federal block grant (AAPS) and Medicaid.


resource exchange


Ashby House has developed a one stop resource exchange center at 113 E. Mulberry. The Resource Exchange has been designed to make Salina’s helping dollars go farther. The vision of this program is to collaborate with local churches, non-profits, and other helping agencies to ensure that families are utilizing resources in a productive manner.